What we offer for Junior Cycle

Our Junior Cycle Curriculum:

As a college we wish to empower our pupils with the skills to become confident and independent young adults enabling them to reach their full potential. Our classes are mixed ability classes in first year. Our pupils take 9 subjects to Junior Certificate for certification. All pupils study  Gaeilge, English and Maths for 1st,  2nd and 3rd year. In 1st year every pupil also studies Art, Business Studies, French, Geography, History, Metalwork, Materials Technology Wood, Technical Graphics and Science. At the end of first year pupils choose six of these nine options.  All pupils study Physical Education  and Social, Personal and Health Education ( S.P.H.E.) and Civic, Social, Political Education (C.S.P.E.) under the umbrella of Well-being  from  September 2017 as Short Courses  for a Junior Cycle Profile of Achievement (J.C.P.A.). Pupils study Religion from 1st year to 3rd year which is not examinable for Junior Certificate. 

New Junior Cycle Award 2014-2022:

A new Junior Cycle Award is being  phased into all schools from 2014 to 2022. "Junior Cycle places students at the centre of the educational experience, enabling them to actively participate in their communities and in society and to be resourceful and confident learners in all aspects and stages of their lives" For full information on the new Junior Cycle Student Award please go to www.juniorcycle.ie.

In our college we have introduced new subject specifications for all subjects we offer. Our current first year pupils will study the new Junior Cycle and will be awarded the Junior Cycle Profile of Achievement (JCPA) on completion of their Junior Cycle in June 2022.