Leaving Certificate Applied (LCA)

Leaving Cert Applied - Clonakilty Community College

The Leaving Certificate Applied is a two-year Leaving Certificate available to students who wish to follow a practical programme with a strong vocational emphasis. With a certificate in Leaving Cert Applied students may do a Post Leaving Cert course and if they choose may take a longer route into higher education.

Opening up New Options

The Leaving Certificate Applied Route Map

One of the biggest differences between the established Leaving Cert and the LCA is the system of continuous assessment. Students are assessed on the basis of project work completed over the two years and the final examination accounts for approximately one-third of the overall marks.

Who would benefit most from the Leaving Cert Applied?

The Leaving Certificate Applied is intended to meet the needs of those students who are not adequately catered for by other Leaving Certificate programmes or who choose not to opt for such programmes.

LCA offers a student-centred approach to learning with an emphasis on Work Experience, IT, Personal Development and Social Skills. The two-year programme consists of four half-year blocks called Sessions and achievements are credited in each of these Sessions. In Clonakilty Community College the following Subjects are studied:

The following is a detailed breakdown of what each year entails;