Student Council 2019-2020

Student Council Members 2019-2020

We thank the following students in our college who have been voted by their peers to represent student voice.

1st Year: Jack Chambers and Cillian Twohig.
2nd Year: Darragh  MacDonald and James O Donovan
3rd Year : Daniel O'Donovan & Eamonn Hodnett
4th Year: Cian Scally & Tomás O'Hea 

5th Year: Conall Cullinane & Ernie McCarthy

JC2 representative: David Keohane.

LCA 1 and 2 representative : Christopher O Sullivan. 

6th Year:  Thérése McCarthy (President), John Allyn Byrnes (Vice President)

          Thérése McCarthy                                                                                         John Allyn Byrnes

A S C meeting was held on the 4th December 2019: 

  • Ms. Dunne and Mr. Cunningham were in attendance.
  • Matters arising included a query regarding the school’s green flag, were we still involved.
  • A question was also raised regarding the possibility of the heating being left on for longer periods in very cold weather.
  • Mr. Cunningham addressed the council regarding the Code of Behavior in the ICT labs.
  • He explained the current state of the labs. He asked how do we want our labs to be treated?
  • He asked the SC to help to address this serious issue. He distributed a handout to each member with possible suggestions for improvements.
  • A sub committee of a cross section of members are to meet with Mr. Cunningham to discuss this matter.
  • To meet 5 Dec 9.40in room13.
  • Re scheduled to Monday 9 December at 9 00 in room 7.

A student council meeting was held on the 13th November 2019

  • The S. C welcomed Ms. Dunne and Ms. Sheerin to the meeting. Ms Dunne welcomed the new committee. She gave an account of previous contributions by past committees. Ms. Dunne hopes to meet with the council regularly as she would value their opinions especially when it comes to kitting out the new school building.
  • Ms. Dunne gave a briefing on the progress of the new build.
  • Ms. Mathers referred to questions raised at the last meeting ie outdoor seating and overhead covering.
  • Ms Dunne reassured student that these will be included in the new school.
  • Theresa McCarthy accepted the role of President of the SC for the year. John Allyn Byrnes  accepted the role of Vice President.
  • The position of secretary is not yet filled.
  • Eamonn Hodnett and Daniel O Donovan will assist at the third year parent teacher meeting.