Student Council 2019-2020

Student Council Members 2019-2020

We thank the following students in our college who have been voted by their peers to represent student voice.

1st Year: Sam Coffey  & Charlie McShane 
2nd Year: Eamonn Hodnett  & Dan O'Donovan
3rd Year : Duncan Rose &  Harold Mel Paulino
4th Year:Dan Peet,  Ernie McCarthy &  Ruth Magnier -Whooley
5th Year Thérése McCarthy (Secretary) John Allyn-Byrne
6th Year: Philip Brennan (President), Ciarán Nyhan (Vice President) & Caitlin Wells

Student Council involved in reviewing Admission Policy

Student Council involved in reviewing Code of Behaviour October 2018

Student Council involved in reviewing Code of Behaviour October 2018

 Student Council 2018-2019

Student Council Meeting of March 5th.

·       Phillip Brennan began by welcoming Ms. Dunne and Mr. Kelleher on behalf of the student council.

·       Mr. Kelleher presented a power-point discussing the proposed awards night.

·       As a group we discussed the proposed awards night under the following categories:

Evaluating the mission statement, what do we promote in our Community College?

What do we want to award?

Who do we want to award?

When do we want the awards to take place?

·       The representatives previously took part in a survey displaying their opinions on a school awards night. The results showed that 80% of students wanted an awards night to take place.

·       The importance of student voice was emphasised along with picking suitable candidates for various awards.

·       How students would be chosen for such awards was also discussed.

·       A meeting will take place in the next two weeks to further discuss this topic.

Student’s Council Meeting 22-1-2019

Ms. Mathers began by thanking the 5th and 6th year student council members
for their assistance in organising a supporter’s bus for the senior footballers
Coirn Uí Mhuirí semi final.
 The following student council members volunteered to help out at the 5th year
parent teacher meeting on the 24/01/19, John-Allyn Byrnes, Dan Peet
 Much discussion revolved around the school now having an Instagram page.
We  have 50 followers currently. The student council representatives have
been asked to pass on the information to their year groups. Phillip is going to
ask Ms. Crowley some questions surrounding the possibility of a school app.
 There was concerns raised over the projection in room 20 which was not
working properly. Ms. Mathers to speak to Mr. Cunningham. (Issue has now
been resolved, maintenance carried out).
 Mr. Kelleher addressed the student council about the possibility of an awards
night. He distributed a survey to find out what student’s opinions were. The
students filled out and returned the survey to Mr. Kelleher. Representatives
have been asked to discuss the topic among their own year groups and to
approach either Mr. Kelleher or Ms. Mathers with any suggestions or ideas. A
working group of student council representatives along with management will
often regroup and continue this process.
 It was stated at the meeting that matters were much improved in relation to
local retailers  at lunchtime. Since students are now allowed to queue
within the store for a short period of time, behaviour is much improved.
 Concerns were raised over the lack of extra-curricular activities and
broken/damaged chairs. This will be discussed further at the next meeting.

The Student Council has met on the 14th,15th and 20th of November 2018.

The Council was joined by a diverse range of students from the general body of students in the school. The agenda was to discuss ways to counteract problems with one of the local retailers. The two main problems discussed were how to ensure a smoother transition in and out of the shop as well as accessing and paying for food. The other problem discussed was how to ensure that the car park area was left clear of litter. A representative from the retailer attended one of these meetings (15/11/18) and a worthwhile exchange took place. All parties are willing to try and bring about change. These views were conveyed to all students when the council addressed their peers in the Assembly Area. A greater awareness on both sides certainly has been established.

Our First Student Council meeting took place on Tuesday 23rd of October.

Our meeting began with a warm welcome to the Student Council from Ms. Mathers our Liaison Officer.

We had an open discussion and explanation on the role of the Student Council in our school. We mentioned the benefits that the Student Council brings to not only the students but also the school as a unit and all staff.

We had a brief discussion on litter in and around retail outlets in the town. This will be discussed further in our next meeting.  Our next meeting will take place after the Mid-Term break.