Our College Mentors 2019-2020


What our mentors do in our College . . .

5th Year Mentors support 1st Year Students in their transition from Primary to Secondary school. Twenty six  5th Year Mentors are selected following an application process and are formally trained for the role of Mentor.Each Mentor supports five 1st Year students during their first year at Secondary school.

What do Mentors do?

On Induction Day, Mentors:

  • Take students on a tour of school building.
  • Show where to get bus
  • Explain timetable, subjects, teachers.
  • Explain our Code of Behaviour
  • Distribute books
  • Advise on use of lockers
  • Explain use of Vsware

Throughout the school year, Mentors

  •  Encourage involvement in extra-curricular activities
  • Informally “look” out for first year students
  • Formal meetings every term to “check” in with students.