Parents Association 2021-2022

Who are the Parent's Association in our College?

Chairperson: Oonagh Brady   Secretary: Sean Kenneally  Treasurer: 

Committee Members: Bríd Murphy, Shirley Finn ,Orla Harrington ,John Coleman, Mary Quinlan and Steve Peet.

12/09/2022:  It's exciting times ahead for CCC with a significant state-of-the-art extension now completed and the arrival of new school principal, Mr. Tommy Brown.  All parents are warmly invited to attend this year's CCC Parents Association AGM at the school on Thursday 29th September at 7pm.  After two years of COVID restrictions, your interest and contribution are highly valued.  New parents and new voices are particularly welcome to ensure a balanced representation of views and ideas, to further promote the educational and general welfare, as well as the social interests of all CCC students.   We look forward to seeing you on the evening.  CCCPA Committee.

Clonakilty Community College Parents Association Constitution:

This body shall be known as Clonakilty Community College Parents' Association. Membership shall be confined to Parents/Guardians of pupils attending the school.Election of Committee members shall take place annually at the Annual General Meeting of all parents, to be held each September/October. The Committee members shall be elected on an area basis from each area catered for in the school and shall attend meetings regularly. The number of members may vary from time to time in order to give adequate representation. In such cases new members shall be co-opted to the committee. The Committee shall elect its own officers, consisting of Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Public Relations Officer and/or Assistant Secretary, Assistant Treasurer. Co-options to the committee shall be:

1. The school Principal
2. An option of a member of the teaching staff as non-voting members.

At least 4 committee meetings shall be held during the school year. Such meetings will be opened with: The reading of the minutes of the last meeting , Treasurers report and  Business of the meeting.

An extraordinary meeting of all parents may be called on a majority decision of the committee or at the written request of at least twenty parents. Amendments to the Constitution may be made at a General meeting of parents provided they are passed by a two third majority.

The Association shall not have the power to deal with complaints against members of the school staff or Principal (such complaints should be taken directly to the Principal by the parents concerned.) and shall not interfere with the purely professional aspects of the school administration and work.

The aims of the Parent's Association shall include:

• The promotion of the educational and general welfare and social interests of the pupils of the school.
• Helping in any way it can, the pupils and staff of the school.
• Vindicating the right of parents to consultation and information on government educational policy.
• Acting as an advisory body, representing the views of parents on school policies and activities.
• Helping to make school life more complete by organising various activities.
• The committee shall not directly concern itself with fund-raising activities, unless that fund raising is secondary to a project enhancing facilities, equipment or services offered by the school for the benefit of the students/teachers/management.
• Two committee members should be present for counting of money.
October 2015